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All our inner search is aimed at finding out what our self, the ego, is. One has to see and sense and prove for oneself that ego is the sum total of the individuals karmic momentum collected from time immemorial up until now. Its the sum total of all the choices that weve made and of all the consequences incurred so far.

It is stated by those who truly see that in the leap of realization ego is to be finally overcome, subdued or even destroyed which means one becomes Free of all the karmic collection. That transcendental breakthrough is also a decision, a choice, a resolution for things to be that way. And the outcome to be experienced is that ongoing building up of the karmic momentum is being slowed down or it even starts to diminish. If that ego process is truly reversed, and the person lives just to express the dekarmization more and more totally, if he/she is unwavering in putting the Self before the self and always acting out of that priority, the small self is gradually put out of operation and the karmic momentum runs out of fuel (its fuel being selfish desire, the separating principle, the unlove). Thus ego stops building up and may then, with all its drives surrendered, sacrificed, let go, be gradually dismissed, become void and transparent for the light of the One Whole.

With ego, the karmic bond, waning, impersonal understanding of things may arise which is not just based on the individuals mind and thought, which is always unbiased. True understanding, or wisdom, will arise if not blocked, not frozen by rigid doctrines and fixed ideas of the mind.

Before the breakthrough, understanding is artificial, a concoction of the mind which is a reflection or function of the ego itself.

Mind and ego can be helpful, though. Even with the small bit of understanding available, small self and its functions are to be used as tools in order to keep oneself effective, good, sensible, compassionate, responsible, progressing in some positive way, healthy and sane. Traditions, religions, ethics, psychology and natural human compassion, the inherent kindness and conscience of the human heart, enlighten us on how to do that. Thats the top embodied practice: to help ourselves and to serve the others along the self-Self path. We have to use the mind in order to make the right choices. What is to be chosen is what always serves the Whole, Truth, God, the Self and what definitely turns down Its nonexistent opposite.

Ego, our karmic self, IS our separation from All-being and IS itself an intention to remain separate. Its a super-developed cocoon formed around nothing. Ego insists on separation, its defending it with greed, violence, fear, envy, aggression, doubt and stupidity. But the seed of true understanding knows how to employ egos multi-developed diversity, it knows how to tame it and arranges situations that increase our understanding, involves us in practices that slow the karmic momentum down, develops our consciousness, body, etc. in a positive way, allowing more and more possibility to leap into Life where ego doesnt have any role to play.

The seed of true understanding is to become a focus of our spiritual practice at all times. Its a touchstone that should undo the karmic bond.





photos and design by Julia Sorokina

All texts by Michael Momot, Saint Petersburg, 2001


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